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In the northern Fairfield Country, Connecticut, there is a city called Danbury. It is the seventh most populated city in Connecticut. New York is approximately 70 miles from Danbury. The boundaries of Danbury are part of the New York metropolitan area. In 1685, the colonists settled Danbury. It was then known as Pahquioque.

Danbury has a rich history in hat industry therefore it is also known as the Hat City. By the 20th century the name changes to The Hatting Capital of the World. The first hat shop was built in Danbury in the year 1780 by Zadoc Benedict. As the time passed the number of hats produced increased and by the 1800s, Danbury was producing about 20,000 hats per year. Which was far more than anywhere in the United States.

Danbury is located at the perch of Berkshire Mountains. The land included small mountains and rolling hills. The Cameron’s Line runs through the city. It is a geological fault. Danbury hosts a humid climate. In summers the weather is hot and humid while the winters brings a wave of cold breeze and occasional snowfall.

There are so many places to visit and see and Danbury. The famous Tarry Wile Park and Mansion is a hot spot for tourists. It a historic land which has about 21-mile-long hiking trails. There are also two picnic spots. The main mansion serves as a community center. In this historical many people have conducted their wedding ceremonies and held many meetings. Another great attraction is the Charles Ives Center for Arts. It is an outdoor amphitheater. It was built in the memory of one of America’s composer, Charles Edward Ives. There are many other outdoor activities too like picnic spots, skiing resorts, shopping and sports.

Danbury Public Library which was founded in the year 1879, has about 92,085 books, 5000 videos, 1500 CDs and approximately 250 CD-ROMs. Danbury Hospital was rated as one of the best hospitals. The Danbury Municipal Airport is the second busiest airport in the state. It offers major aviation services, charter services and plane rentals.

Danbury celebrates Portuguese Day. They raise the flag at roger’s park and the festival begins. People wearing colorful dresses perform parades and marches. The music and dancing make everyone happier. People come together at this event and celebrate.

Another famous celebration in Danbury takes place on the New Year’s Eve. Locally the people call it First Night. It is a family event. Many non-profit groups come forward and entertain families and friends at this occasion. Puppet show for kids and dance performances for adults make the night special for all the people. This festival has deep roots in the society. They believe that by making people smile one can truly experience happiness.