Our Recommended Newtown Connecticut Businesses:

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Newtown is our second favorite place in the world, well in Connecticut.  Cough *Bahamas* Cough!  Newtown, Sandy Hook, Fairfield Hills, Hawleyville, Botsford and all the nooks and crannies of this amazing place is filled with the nicest people that we've ever met.  There's not as many nice people in other parts of Connecticut as there are in Newtown.  It's nice to stroll into the town

The Newtown Tree Service

The Newtown Tree Service is ran by David and his crew of amazing people.  Their tree crew makes them one of the best tree services in the state of Connecticut!  They've got Jerry who is one of the smartest crane operators in Greater Danbury.  Jerry puts their crane exactly where it needs to be in order to accomplish large tree takedowns.  Many other tree services in CT have tried to find a Jerry close to as good as The Newtown Tree Service's Jerry is!  Click here for their website. One interesting thing about David is that he's got a large crew of a little bit of everything.  He can do patio work, tree work, landscaping and even knows a driveway guy!

We have one house cleaner named Sherry and her husband is actually part of David's crew.  He also many of the blog posts or as he calls it "Tree Tips".  They cover many topics including:

  • How Do I know if My Tree is Diseased?
  • What does a Licensed Arborist Do?
  • Cutting a Small Tree on Your Property
  • 10 Reasons to Invest in Tree Removal
  • Tree Maintenance 101