One time Cleaning for Litchfield Residents

Need Your Home PERFECT for a party? We can Help!

one time cleaning danbury ct

Litchfield County House Cleaning will be happy to help you with a one time house cleaning in Washington Connecticut to help you get ready for incoming relatives, your holiday party or just because your house is in need of some TLC.

Our One Time House Cleaning Service is available for residents of Washington, Connecticut as well as homeowners in neighboring towns.  Our vans can be spotted driving around from clean homes to homes in need of cleaning help throughout the Washington Connecticut area.

We regularly help many residents in Washington, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, Danbury, Stamford, Greenwich, Ridgefield, and Norwalk keep their homes clean on a regular basis.

Need help? Get a Free Quote by calling us at 860-791-3143 or simply fill out the Cleaning Quote form for a call back.

5 Reasons Our One Time Cleaning is Popular!

  1. It's party time!  Need your house looking beautiful before company arrives?  Get a Free One Time House Cleaning Quote!  We'll make sure your home is tidy before those special guests arrive.  You'll be able to show off your fresh smelling house to all your friends and family without lifting a finger.
  2. Deep Spring Cleaning!  Getting a deep spring cleaning after a long winter is always a refreshing way to start those warmer months.  Often when your doors are closed all winter long there's very little air exchange.  This can lead to a build up of dusty and harmful allergens.  We'd be happy to put you on the schedule for a thorough spring cleaning.
  3. Selling Your Home!  They say the real estate market is finally picking up.  We work with local realtors in and around Washington to make sure the homes on their list are sold quickly.  Showing a dirty home is an easy to way to get no offers.  We can have your home in show shape in under 3 hours.
  4. Your Mother in Law is coming over!  My husband hates when my mother comes over because she picks on everything he's doing.  If your mom is anything like mine than you've got a slew of judgmental comments coming your way too.  Thwart those comments by getting your humble abode cleaned thoroughly before that witch strolls in.
  5. You Never Got Around To It!  Let's face it - life happens quickly.  Kids grow up, business has it's ups and downs and sometimes you don't get around to everything on your list.  Scientists say that spending money doesn't make you happy even if you getting a tattoo from Hat City Tattoo in Danbury CT unless you're spending money on things that save you time.  Feel like spending 4-6 hours over the weekend vacuuming your floors, washing windows, scrubbing the bathroom toilets and disinfecting the kitchen?  I doubt it!  We'll be happy to schedule your one time cleaning and actually get around to it!